I’ve been walking through your streets,
Where all you money’s earning,
Where all your building’s climbing,
And clueless neckties working,
Revolving fake lawn houses,
Housing all your fears,
Desensitized by tv,
Overbearing advertising,
God of consumerism,
And all your crooked pictures,
Looking good, mirrorism,
Filtering information,
For the public eye,
Designed for profiteering,
Your neighboor, what a guy.

Boom, boom, boom, boom,
Every time you drop the bomb,
You kill the God your child has born
Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Modern globalization,
Coupled with condemnations,
Unnecessary death,
Matador corporations,
Puppeting your frustrations,
With the blinded flag,
Manufacturing consent
Is the name of the game,
The bottom line is money,
Nobody gives a fuck.
4000 hungry children leave us per hour,
From starvation,
While billions are spent on bombs,
Creating death showers.

System of a Down- Boom!
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